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In the face of an ever-changing art market, the value of collections often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Many people underestimate the worth of their collections and fail to realize that standard insurance coverage may not be enough to protect them in case of loss, damage, or theft.  Without the addition of a separate insurance rider, homeowner insurance policies limit the amount an owner can recover in the event of a loss of personal property. 


Whether you're an avid collector or just have a few prized pieces, an insurance appraisal is essential to safeguard your valuable assets.  Our appraisal reports for insurance thoroughly document collections with precise replacement valuations to assist in obtaining proper coverage to provide an additional layer of protection should the unexpected occur. 


In the event of a loss, our insurance appraisals can streamline the claims process.  With a detailed, professional appraisal report on hand, you can provide your insurance company with a reliable basis for determining compensation in order to process your claim quickly and efficiently.


If you own valuable personal property, investing in an insurance appraisal is a wise decision to help protect your treasures and provide peace of mind.

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